Episode 16: The Doula Darcy

Darcy Sauers, a.k.a. The Dover Doula, The Doula Darcy, and “baby whisperer” to many women and moms, is a phenomenal woman, mother, wife, listener, yoga instructor, event planner, friend, and yes… You’ve guessed it! Incredible postpartum doula! In this episode, Darcy opens up with tremendous courage and vulnerability about her birth story with her first child, and how her experience led her to live her purpose and passion as a doula. Although geared more toward moms, parents, women, anyone can benefit from listening to Darcy’s journey and perspective. She shares about the raw, messiness of transitioning into motherhood, talks about postpartum depression, the struggle to ask for help, the blessings in disguise, nourishment, health, running, and her exciting new program, “Third Trimester Thrive.” Tune in, maybe grab a tissue, and enjoy!  

Episode 15: Kara Breese

Kara Breese is one of the most radiant, powerful, and phenomenal people and healers I know. As a Doctor of Metaphysics and Healing Mh.D, she has trained extensively in many forms of energy healing and clearing for animals, people, and land. In this episode, Kara shares her story of feeling extremely “disconnected” from this world and herself, living on “autopilot,” and how she started to wake up, open up, soften, and discover her “sacred nature” through experiencing and studying energy healing and metaphysics. Kara talks about awakening her sixth sense, who inspires her, her love of nature, nourishment, moving and finding home, helping animals transition, and how she envisions holding space to expand community. It was truly special landing in presence with Kara, and I encourage you to pause, tune in, and soak up her brilliance and passion. Enjoy! 

Episode 14 - Dr. Brian McCracken

Dr. Brian McCracken, co-founder and owner of In Motion Chiropractic in Dover and Portsmouth, NH, is super passionate about “keeping people healthy through the motions of life.” In this episode, Brian shares about growing up curious about the body and how it functions and heals; he talks about “whole health approach” and what chiropractic care means. And he also opens up about the challenging yet fun aspects of being a parent, how he absolutely respects and loves his wife and business partner, Cassie, and how important it is to choose happiness and to play in life. Brian is truly one of the most kind, honest, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and playful people I know. He and Cassie are doing incredible work, and it is awesome to witness their positive impact on the community. Tune in, feel inspired, and enjoy!

Episode 13 - Damla Aktekin

Damla Aktekin, founder and creator of ‘a drop of om,’ is a beautiful, powerful healer in the Seacoast area. She is also a wife, mom, yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki master, writer, and teacher of love, compassion and light. In this episode, Damla shares her own personal journey through dark moments of feeling stuck in the “swamp,” lost, not knowing herself to learning how to allow herself to simply be, and how to truly love herself wholly and without judgment. She talks about discovering yoga (magic) and leaving the corporate world to fuel her purpose, becoming a mom, finding crystals and exploring mantra, all which ultimately lead her to connect deeply with her incredible gifts and birth her business. She offers Chakra Bliss Group Healings and also works privately with individual clients. Damla is full of grace, truth, authenticity; her vibration expands others! Enjoy listening to Damla share her sacred story, and keep following her, as she is cooking up some new curriculum! 

Episode 12 - Raya Al-Hashmi

Raya Al-Hashmi, courageous, intuitive, beautiful Seacoast photojournalist, is standing in her power and truly living her passion. She is a storyteller, world traveler, founder and creator of People of Portsmouth, volunteer photographer for Creative Mornings, and a woman of compassion. In this episode, Raya shares about her journey to “Raya on Assignment,” finding balance and releasing her self-critic, living in three different continents, her family, fear and freedom, saying “YES” to her life and vision, and the power of perspective and choice. Raya inspires me; she truly lives in the present and loves through the lens, capturing and sharing authentic moments. She powerfully reminds us that we are all absolutely beautiful and perfect as we are. Tune in, and enjoy soaking up her magic and energy! 

Episode 11 - Sarah Canney

Sarah Canney, also known as the “Run Far Girl,” is an incredible blogger, runner, wife, mom of 3, defeater of bulimia, and a top fundraiser for the CHaD HERO. She dives deep in this episode, sharing about her 9+ year battle with disordered eating and body image - the pain, denial, and shame, and then opens up about how she went from being at war with her body and running to burn calories to discovering tremendous freedom, strength, healing, and love. Running became her passion and meditation. Sarah also talks about balancing being a mom, homeschooling, training, keeping curiosity alive, nature, perfectionism, the art of blogging, sunrises, where “Embrace the Hill” and “Run Far Girl” came from, and how she is learning the importance of rest. Sarah is absolutely inspiring… full of courage, vulnerability, grace, honesty, authenticity, and light. Pause, listen, and allow yourself to be present with Sarah as she shares with such strength and an open heart. 

Episode 10 - Angela Bekkala

Angela Bekkala is known by so many as the inspiring “Happy Fit Mama.” She is also an avid runner, ACSM certified clinical exercise physiologist, RRCA running coach, beautiful yogini, blogger, wife, mom of twins, photographer, outdoor enthusiast, and dear friend. In this episode, Angela shares about her tremendous passion for health and running, her marathoning highs and lows, discovering resiliency, strength and healing after battling major injury during and after the Boston Marathon in 2015; she talks about balancing work, training and family, releasing “mama guilt,” the art of blogging, letting go of comparison mindset, choosing the positives, and the importance of laughing in life. Angela’s joy and vitality shine through this episode. Grab some tea, tune in, and enjoy listening to her enlivening journey!

Episode 09 - Sheilagh Durkin

Sheilagh Durkin has an incredibly beautiful and powerful gift of being able to guide people to move through fears, human challenges, trauma, and illness, and therefore, release old unconscious energy patterns. She helps others see these obstacles and human experiences as gateways to their true nature and authentic power. Sheilagh is founder of Co-Creative Health, powerful energy healer, mom, wife, LIGHTWORK facilitator, and an empowering teacher. In this episode, she shares her path to her energy work practice, talks about the power of nature, grace, grounding, resiliency, changes in our bio-energetic system, and her mission to continue to inspire and spread the ripple of health, co-creative healing, and awakening to as many people as possible. I encourage you to pause, tune in, and allow Sheilagh’s authenticity, passion, and sharing to spark your own curiosity, heart-power and healing capacities. She is brilliant and inspiring! Enjoy!

Episode 08 - Ali Ricciardone

Radiance. That is the word that shines out when I think of Ali Ricciardone. Awesome athlete, yogini, and adventure enthusiast, Ali inspires and empowers others with her beautiful energy. In this episode, she talks about her love of movement, her sacred relationship with her future husband and their shared passion for nature and hiking, the loss of her brother and how running helps heal her heart. Running combined with her discovery of personal training, health coaching, and yoga teaching led Ali to create and launch NH Endurance Life and Mount Warrior Yoga. Pause, tune in, and enjoy learning more about this incredible spirit and her amazing offerings!

Episode 07 - Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith, phenomenal yoga teacher, certified high performance coach, and founder of Embodied Excellence blows me away in this episode with his openness, passion, vulnerability, and power! Nathan shares his journey through tragedy and loss, and expands on how he discovered yoga, network healing, and deep courage to leap out of biochemistry into high performance coaching and a life full of passion, presence, purpose, and joy! Tune into this episode… you will walk away feeling inspired and empowered! Enjoy!

Episode 06 - Deana Cavan

Deana Cavan is a mom, wife, yogini, and absolutely beautiful soul. In this episode, she shares about losing her 9-month old, Everett, to a rare form of liver cancer and how that experience transformed her and her husband’s lives; they felt called to create Rett’s Roost - “a sanctuary for families with a child afflicted by cancer, offering a community of loving kindness and supportive activities in a peaceful, natural setting to ease their experience with the disease.” Deana talks about Everett’s spirit, mediumship, grief, her marriage, resiliency, strength, community, her desire to heal through giving to and healing others, numerology, Rett’s Roost’s mission, retreats, and events, their upcoming move, and the tremendous light that is in their lives now. Please pause and gift yourself the opportunity to listen to this heart-wrenching yet inspiring and moving episode, full of truth, sadness as well as joy, healing, vision, and vitality. 

Episode 05 - Amy Ouellette

Amy Ouellette - curious, passionate, empowering, creative - is a powerhouse of a woman on so many levels! She is wife, mom, friend to many, growth seeker, and founder and owner of Zoozii's - a lamp-working tool company as well as successful Wellness Advocate for doTerra Essential Oils. In this episode, Amy shares about her curiosity and mindset, her marriage, respect, being a fearless DIYer, and connecting more with her femininity under her dominant masculine energy. Her natural entrepreneurial spark shines throughout the interview. And bonus! You even receive a mini essential oil class. Amy is truly a gift, and you will get a feel for her inner fire, positive energy, and heart. Enjoy!

Episode 04 - Rachel Rawlinson

Rachel Rawlinson is the Head Coach of the Men's and Women's Rowing Teams at the University of New Hampshire as well as a huge advocate for HIV and AIDS education and prevention. She is truly a phenomenal woman, mom, wife, coach, and friend. In this episode, Rachel explores resiliency, compassion, motivation, forgiveness, the meaning of "success," mindset, clear decision-making, motherhood, masculinity and femininity, and talks about how her rowers aren't simply training for the sport, they are training for life. Tune in... You will be blown away by Rachel's compassionate heart and fiery spirit, her leadership, and passion. Enjoy!

Episode 03 - Sara Curry

Owner of Bikram Yoga Portsmouth and creator of her pilot program, Sober Yogis, Sara Curry shares about her journey from rugby to the mat, discovering compassion, greater strength, passion, and vision. In this conversation, she dives deep into the healing, therapeutic powers of yoga on all levels, elaborating on her Bikram’s Biggest Losers and Bikram’s Biggest Quitters programs to help fight obesity and addiction in the Seacoast community. Sara also touches upon her experience offering her TEDxPiscataquaRiver Talk, "On the Mat to Recovery." A true inspiration and leader. Enjoy!

Episode 02 - Tasia Percevecz

Rising star and Crossfit Games Athlete, Tasia Percevecz is an enormous inspiration to so many across the world! She represents such beautiful power, courage, strength, compassion, love and grace. In this episode, Tasia opens up about her childhood, gymnastics, body-image and self-worth, the power of positive mindset, her faith, crossfitting, and fueling her body and soul. Enjoy!

Episode 01 - Amy VanHaren

Amy VanHaren, founder of VanHaren Creative, is a social media specialist and marketing guru who possesses passion for telling brand stories and empowering organizations to find their "authentic social voice." In this inaugural episode, Amy shares her own beautiful (and at times, overwhelming) truth about navigating life as a mom of two amazing kids, wife, entrepreneur, foodie, writer, and now founder of her new app, Pumpspotting! Get inspired and enjoy!