Episode 11 - Sarah Canney

Sarah Canney, also known as the “Run Far Girl,” is an incredible blogger, runner, wife, mom of 3, defeater of bulimia, and a top fundraiser for the CHaD HERO. She dives deep in this episode, sharing about her 9+ year battle with disordered eating and body image - the pain, denial, and shame, and then opens up about how she went from being at war with her body and running to burn calories to discovering tremendous freedom, strength, healing, and love. Running became her passion and meditation. Sarah also talks about balancing being a mom, homeschooling, training, keeping curiosity alive, nature, perfectionism, the art of blogging, sunrises, where “Embrace the Hill” and “Run Far Girl” came from, and how she is learning the importance of rest. Sarah is absolutely inspiring… full of courage, vulnerability, grace, honesty, authenticity, and light. Pause, listen, and allow yourself to be present with Sarah as she shares with such strength and an open heart.