Episode 04 - Rachel Rawlinson

Rachel Rawlinson is the Head Coach of the Men's and Women's Rowing Teams at the University of New Hampshire as well as a huge advocate for HIV and AIDS education and prevention. She is truly a phenomenal woman, mom, wife, coach, and friend. In this episode, Rachel explores resiliency, compassion, motivation, forgiveness, the meaning of "success," mindset, clear decision-making, motherhood, masculinity and femininity, and talks about how her rowers aren't simply training for the sport, they are training for life. Tune in... You will be blown away by Rachel's compassionate heart and fiery spirit, her leadership, and passion. Enjoy!

Episode 03 - Sara Curry

Owner of Bikram Yoga Portsmouth and creator of her pilot program, Sober Yogis, Sara Curry shares about her journey from rugby to the mat, discovering compassion, greater strength, passion, and vision. In this conversation, she dives deep into the healing, therapeutic powers of yoga on all levels, elaborating on her Bikram’s Biggest Losers and Bikram’s Biggest Quitters programs to help fight obesity and addiction in the Seacoast community. Sara also touches upon her experience offering her TEDxPiscataquaRiver Talk, "On the Mat to Recovery." A true inspiration and leader. Enjoy!

Episode 02 - Tasia Percevecz

Rising star and Crossfit Games Athlete, Tasia Percevecz is an enormous inspiration to so many across the world! She represents such beautiful power, courage, strength, compassion, love and grace. In this episode, Tasia opens up about her childhood, gymnastics, body-image and self-worth, the power of positive mindset, her faith, crossfitting, and fueling her body and soul. Enjoy!

Episode 01 - Amy VanHaren

Amy VanHaren, founder of VanHaren Creative, is a social media specialist and marketing guru who possesses passion for telling brand stories and empowering organizations to find their "authentic social voice." In this inaugural episode, Amy shares her own beautiful (and at times, overwhelming) truth about navigating life as a mom of two amazing kids, wife, entrepreneur, foodie, writer, and now founder of her new app, Pumpspotting! Get inspired and enjoy!