20170119 - Tabitha D'Souza On Death

Tabitha D'Souza! Tabitha is a 27yo Christian second-year medical student who has studied theology and recently learned how to ride a bike. She has an Indian ethnic background, a Portuguese last name, and a Biblical first name,. We discuss her faith, her interest in child development and her winding path to medical school.

I hope you enjoy!

Tabitha is...
a daughter,
a friend,
a medical student,
a Christian,
and spiritual.

Before Tabitha dies, she wants...
meaningful relationship,
to do a few things truly well,
and to grow into the image of Christ.

When Tabitha dies, she wants...
to be at peace with those I love,
and to anticipate eternity with joy.

After Tabitha dies, she wants...
freedom from the turmoil of this life,
to see Christ,
to be whole,
and to leave behind something of value for the next generation.

In conclusion, Tabitha says...

"There are three aspects of life that I would encourage any listener to dwell on and improve themselves in.

The first is in the way that you think, the second is in the way that you live, the third is in the way that you work.

I would say think well, think deeply, and don't flee from the deep questions in life."