20170511 - Rahul Paul On Death

Rahul Paul! Rahul is a 26yo Hindu-raised Bangledeshi, a third year medical student interested in emergency medicine, and a scientist. During this conversation, we discuss the relatable story of Krishna, the value of earned perspective, and why you should breathe into your balls.

I hope you enjoy! :)

Rahul is...
a citizen of the universe,
very lost,
and a scientist.

Before Rahul dies, he wants...
to continue his breadth of experiences,
to visit every continent,
to see aliens,
and to build free clinics.

When Rahul dies, he wants...
to be healthy,
a conversation of closure with his loved ones,
to inspire others.

After Rahul dies, he wants...
and things to keep going.

In conclusion, Rahul says...
"There's always an answer to every problem. As lost as you may feel sometimes, if you seek the right person for help, be open to the fact that there is an answer, then things will change.
Don't be steadfast in your views, rigid like a stick. Be like Bruce Lee: flow like water."