Kristen Prosen On Death [REPOST] - 20170316

Kristen Prosen! Kristen is a 26yo herbalist, yoga teacher, and scared white woman. I've had the pleasure of learning Thai yoga massage from her and she teaches with grace and understanding. In this conversation, we discuss the universal relationship of plants, activism through addressing cultural bias, and the death of her grandmother.I hope you enjoy!

Kristen is…
embodied heart presence,
an herbalist,
a yogi,
a white woman,
a witch,
an activist,
and a servant.

Before Kristen dies, she wants…
to be a mother,
to have a house,
and to write a book.

When Kristen dies, she wants…
to be graceful.

After Kristen dies, she wants…
to not worry about it,
and to be cremated.

In conclusion, Kristen says…
"You are whole already.

I know it's not enough for me to say that you're whole to feel that you're whole. There's a lot of life experiences that you're gonna have to go through and a lot of grasping and running from pain and a lot of cultivating that will lead you to that realization so that it sits in your body and in your heart and in your mind, but you are.

You are already whole. You are already home.

And drink some plants."