John Foley On Death - 20180927

John Foley! John is a 29yo athlete, brother, and lover. I met John the first weeks of freshman year at Tufts University, over a decade ago, and we have been close friends ever since. During this conversation, we discuss his combative relationship with religion, the roast of his grandmother at her funeral, and why he is learning statistics on his commute to work.

I hope you enjoy!

John is...
a salesperson,
a family person,
a middle child of three,
a son to an amazing mom and dad,
a boyfriend to this incredible weightlifter,
a doggy daddy,
29 years old,
and engulfed in his current career.

Before John dies, he wants...
to be able to establish a new home,
and establish some kind of legacy.

When John dies, he wants...
to take that last breath and know he lived a life well-lived.

After John dies, he wants...
people around him to be happy.

In conclusion, John says...
"Something that was immediately apparent in thinking through the third prompt of ‘When I die, I want…’ is that I haven’t been thinking about my own mortality and I joke with people about a little trip to the ER or some kind of medical thing that comes up, i’m just ‘like aw no it’s okay i’m just getting older’. But that just getting older isn’t gonna stop and that is eventually going to become either you’re sick or just a limited expiration date on you.

It is a good thought exercise to go through.”