Camille Imbo Once Again - 20181108

Camille Imbo! Camille is a 26yo OB/GYN resident physician and suicide survivor. Between the August 2017 initial interview and this conversation, Camille has finished medical school, attempted suicide, and begun her intern year of residency. We discuss the challenge of asking for help when you know how the system works, why the two interviews feel like two separate people, and how she has grown so much in only a year.

I hope you enjoy!

Camille is…
an intern,
and growing.

Before Camille dies, she wants…
to live,
to feel like she gave it her all,
her little sisters to be self-sufficient and to have learned everything they could have learned from her,
to love and to be loved,
and to be in a space where she can provide love without the fear that she’s suddenly going to take it away.

When Camille dies, she wants…
to have lived a full life,
and to have not gotten in her own way.

After Camille dies, she wants…
to continue to be present for people that need her.

In conclusion, Camille says…
“Take each day as it comes and to really value every positive moment that happens. You don’t need to stop yourself from enjoying what you can enjoy.”