Adam Arazi On Death - 20190523

Adam Arazi! Adam is a 30yo traveler, dog-father, and son. I have known Adam for almost a decade and we have both changed dramatically over this time. Shockingly, his father died unexpectedly 10 days after recording this interview. During this conversation, we discuss his existential confusion, why he may expatriate to the Philippines, and why he intentionally does not think about sudden death.

I hope you enjoy!

Adam is…
a husband,
a son,
a father to a dog,
very vulnerable,
and a risk-taker.

Before Adam dies, he wants…
to explore passions deeply,
to see as much of the world as possible,
and to accumulate at least one, if not more, properties that are attractive enough for his friends and family to want to come visit him.

When Adam dies, he wants…
to be very physically comfortable,
to not die in pain,
his family around him,
to not be in a hospital,
and to have a better understanding of death than he does now.

After Adam dies, he wants…
all his offspring to be happy, well-fed, rich, and loving life,
to donate everything he possibly could to science,
his body to be reincarnated into another living thing,
people to be more in tune with nature,
and to be remembered for as long as possible.

In conclusion, Adam says…
I encourage anyone listening to have conversations like this. I think it is important to stop talking about work, stop talking about sports, stop talking about celebrities, and talk about yourself, your goals, and your desires.”