20170625 - On the clinical grind


This week, I reflect on clinical fatigue. The glamour of first week has faded and been replaced with long days and wishes for no-shows. I bombed a quiz and strive to retain some semblance of a self-care routine. Finally, I hope to recognize myself at the end of this long year.

I hope you enjoy!

20170622 - Joel Eisenberg

Joel Eisenberg! Joel is a 25yo third year medical student, a native of Florida, and lover of food. I've rotated with Joel throughout medical school and I'm excited to bring him to you. During this conversation, we discuss authenticity, how culinary school is more intense than medical school, and how his mother taught him about death.

I hope you enjoy! :)

Joel is...
currently rolling around on a bouncy ball,
and a good level hunger-wise.

Before Joel dies, he wants...
to live.

When Joel dies, he wants...
to be composted.

After Joel dies, he wants...
to be dead.

In conclusion, Joel says...
"Don't use what I just said against me in any way. I can't be held accountable for everything I say. Just, c'mon."

20170618 - On mixed findings


This week, I reflect upon my first week of the Internal Medicine rotation. I've encountered challenging patients, inspiring physicians, and shocking attitudes. I look forward to the start of summer this week, to mark a season of profound growth and challenge.

I hope you enjoy!

20170608 - Emily Duerr On Death

Emily Duerr! Emily is a 24yo third-year medical student, 2nd lieutenant in the US Army, and future farmer. I've known Emily since the first week of medical school and I'm excited to see where her drive takes her career. During this conversation, we discuss her Lutheran upbringing, the importance of raising chickens, and her passion for veteran's care.

I hope you enjoy! :)

Emily is...
incredibly independent,
very dedicated,
a little intense at times,
and patriotic.

Before Emily dies, she wants...
a farm with a family, Shane, dogs, chickens,
and to become the best version of herself.

When Emily dies, she wants...
to be surrounded by friends and family,
and it to not be a big sad thing.

After Emily dies, she wants...
to be remembered as a kick-ass mom.

In conclusion, Emily says...
Find what works for you and go for it.
Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something.


20170604 - On slow starts


This week, I reflect on the first slow week of third year. The hurry-up-and-wait is very strong, but I'm enjoying it the best that I can. I meet a friend unexpectedly, in the expected place.

 Thank you.

20170529 - On quiet transitions


This week, I reflect on the end of my second-year-dom as I roll into third year on Tuesday. I revel in a chance to relax and reset with family and look forward to unwinding after clinic.

 Thank you.

20170525 - Andre Lee On Death

[Start @ 11:20 - 1:07:00 (bathroom break), 1:08:30 - end]

Andre Lee! Andre is a 27yo third year medical student, martial artist, and musician. I met him early on in my Tampa adventures and I am glad to live with him as we transition to Pennsylvania. During this conversation, we discuss the importance of independence, holding up his uncle, how mosh pits respect musicians, and how every party needs a healer.

I hope you enjoy! :)

Andre is...
a jack of all trades,
someone that never wants to be alone,
and a hardcore ABC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Born_Chinese

Before Andre dies, he wants...
to have an active lifestyle,
to create something,
to find his passion,
to be a positive force,
and to have a lasting impact on an organization.

When Andre dies, he wants...
a huge party for his death,
and to die after his parents.

After Andre dies, he wants...
his death to not be a big deal,
his work to continue,
and no afterlife.

In conclusion, Andre says...
"One thing I'm really grateful for, that I've done in my life, is jumping into things, commiting to them, just doing it, and seeing something through.
Like the first time I jumped on a skateboard: you know you're probably going to eat shit, but do you want to skate? I'm glad for all those moments in my life. It's gonna hurt, but do you want to do this or not? Yes or no. 
If the answer's yes, then you should do it."


20170521 - On the other side


Please know that there was no loss of life and that everyone is safe.

This week, I reflect on sitting for Step One, returning home, and waking up to an attempted murder across the street. I consider this my rite of passage for the initiation of my clinical medical education: triaging a gunshot victim and directing an armed police response to a gunman.

Link: http://www.mcall.com/news/breaking/mc-upper-saucon-shooter-golf-cart-chase-20170521-story.html

 Thank you.

20170514 - On the final stretch


This week, I reflect on the final countdown to Step One. I feel ready for the grind to end. I feel tired from all the computer screen time. I feel excited for this chapter to end and for the next to begin.

I hope you enjoy! :)

20170511 - Rahul Paul On Death

Rahul Paul! Rahul is a 26yo Hindu-raised Bangledeshi, a third year medical student interested in emergency medicine, and a scientist. During this conversation, we discuss the relatable story of Krishna, the value of earned perspective, and why you should breathe into your balls.

I hope you enjoy! :)

Rahul is...
a citizen of the universe,
very lost,
and a scientist.

Before Rahul dies, he wants...
to continue his breadth of experiences,
to visit every continent,
to see aliens,
and to build free clinics.

When Rahul dies, he wants...
to be healthy,
a conversation of closure with his loved ones,
to inspire others.

After Rahul dies, he wants...
and things to keep going.

In conclusion, Rahul says...
"There's always an answer to every problem. As lost as you may feel sometimes, if you seek the right person for help, be open to the fact that there is an answer, then things will change.
Don't be steadfast in your views, rigid like a stick. Be like Bruce Lee: flow like water."

20170507 - On the move


This week, I reflect on the big move north from Tampa, FL to Coopersburg, PA. I recount the first great meeting of the parents, a hand-delivered cat, and a romp through the 20 acres of land filled with wild onions.

I hope you enjoy! :)

20170430 - On a goodbye to Tampa


This week, I reflect on my time in Tampa, the people that I've known, and the memories we've created together. Both a goodbye and a commemoration, I'm incredibly thankful for the two years in the Sunshine State.

I hope you enjoy! :)

20170427 - Alana Karma On Death

Alana Karma! Alana is a 21yo artist, student, and performer. I met Alana through the Sacred Floats and Gems nebulous (which brought previous guests Kenny Henderson and Jared Roa to the podcast). Her canvases include skin, both inked and painted, fire, and aerial silks. In this heady conversation, we discuss her Mohawk heritage, Wiccan upbringing, and the sacred fire.

I hope you enjoy! :)

Alana is...
living as a hyperdimensional being of consciousness on an earthly reality,
and an ever-evolving student.

Before Alana dies, she wants...
to have a significant impact on the way that our society unfolds.

When Alana dies, she wants...
to leave the world knowing that we're moving to an ascension phase.

After Alana dies, she wants...
our society to be able to heal itself.

In conclusion, Alana says...
"Thank you everybody for taking the time to listen to this. I hope that some of these concepts have influenced you, opened you up, or made you more receptive to what the universe is capable of.

We live in an infinite reality of infinite galaxies, infinite universes, infinite energy to create. Source is nothing more than the capacity to create anything, and you are part of source, which means that you are capable of creating. Whether or not that is a job that you want, or a dream you want to follow, or something that you would like to manifest. It is all within your range of capacity.

And blessings on your journey doing so."

20170423 - On delaying the inevitable


This week, I reflect on postponing my Step One test date and packing up my life in Tampa. Instead of stressing about an impending exam, I am able to enjoy my final seven days in Florida while making boxes and filling them up.

I hope you enjoy! :)

20170416 - On necessary atrophy


This week, I reflect on inactivity, injuries, and guacamole. Step Prep has left me feeling quite sedentary and wishing for more movement, just like the good old days.

I hope you enjoy! :)

20170413 - Pooja Jayaprakash On Death

Pooja Jayaprakash! Pooja is 23yo second year medical student and Indian woman with a liberal arts background. I met Pooja during the first week of med school and I have known that she would make an outstanding guest on the podcast. During this conversation, we discuss growing up Indian in Utah, imagining her mixed-race children, resisting the draw of medicine, and the death of her 109yo grandfather with his complicated legacy.

I hope you enjoy! :)

Pooja is...
an Indian lady living in Tampa with her husband,
and a second year medical school.

Before Pooja dies, she wants...
to be on good terms with the people she loves.

When Pooja dies, she wants...
to be cremated.

After Pooja dies, she wants...
to be remembered fondly, if at all.

In conclusion, Pooja says...
"I would talk to James and say: I love you."

20140409 - On bitter pills


This week, I reflect on my eternal struggle with neurology. My grit is tested as I attempt to review reflex arcs and neuroanatomy. I enjoy a small temper tantrum and then get back to the work.

I hope you enjoy! :)

20170402 - On time dilation


This week, I reflect on the fugue state of Step Prep. The daily grind of questions, review, and videos can leave me feeling like time moves too slowly and too quickly at once. To offset this, I look to the night sky.

I hope you enjoy! :)

20170326 - On Wim Hof and Chill

#LongFormSundays! This week, I reflect on a relaxing session of stretches and breathing exercises with friends to round out my first week of dedicated step prep.

I hope you enjoy! :)