20171026 - Cat Thomas On Death

Cat Thomas! Cat is a 32yo expressive arts facilitator, a multi-modal artist, as well as a feline and canine caretaker. I met Cat through a network of lovely humans and she happened to work at Moffitt Cancer Center, next to my University of South Florida medical education. There, she facilitates a therapeutic expressive arts experience for caregivers and patients. During this conversation, we cover her journey to this work, her adventures in grandma's forest, and why she wants to die at 103.

I hope you enjoy!

Cat is...
an artist-in-residence,
and a proud dog owner.

Before Cat dies, she wants...
the field of expressive arts to be widely known,
and kids at some point.

When Cat dies, she wants...
a lot of people to come to her funeral,
for it to be a big party,
to be 103,
and to be active up until she dies.

After Cat dies, she wants...
to leave behind a legacy.

In conclusion, Cat says...
"Everyone: keep doing what you're doing.
Fight for what you think is right.
I just hope that everyone finds a passion and a purpose for what they're doing in life cause it makes life a lot better. I have found mine, finally. Taken a while, kind of meshing a lot of things together. It's good.
That is my hope for everyone and humanity."