Episode 09 - Sheilagh Durkin

Sheilagh Durkin has an incredibly beautiful and powerful gift of being able to guide people to move through fears, human challenges, trauma, and illness, and therefore, release old unconscious energy patterns. She helps others see these obstacles and human experiences as gateways to their true nature and authentic power. Sheilagh is founder of Co-Creative Health, powerful energy healer, mom, wife, LIGHTWORK facilitator, and an empowering teacher. In this episode, she shares her path to her energy work practice, talks about the power of nature, grace, grounding, resiliency, changes in our bio-energetic system, and her mission to continue to inspire and spread the ripple of health, co-creative healing, and awakening to as many people as possible. I encourage you to pause, tune in, and allow Sheilagh’s authenticity, passion, and sharing to spark your own curiosity, heart-power and healing capacities. She is brilliant and inspiring! Enjoy!