Episode 15: Kara Breese

Kara Breese is one of the most radiant, powerful, and phenomenal people and healers I know. As a Doctor of Metaphysics and Healing Mh.D, she has trained extensively in many forms of energy healing and clearing for animals, people, and land. In this episode, Kara shares her story of feeling extremely “disconnected” from this world and herself, living on “autopilot,” and how she started to wake up, open up, soften, and discover her “sacred nature” through experiencing and studying energy healing and metaphysics. Kara talks about awakening her sixth sense, who inspires her, her love of nature, nourishment, moving and finding home, helping animals transition, and how she envisions holding space to expand community. It was truly special landing in presence with Kara, and I encourage you to pause, tune in, and soak up her brilliance and passion. Enjoy!