Episode 16: The Doula Darcy

Darcy Sauers, a.k.a. The Dover Doula, The Doula Darcy, and “baby whisperer” to many women and moms, is a phenomenal woman, mother, wife, listener, yoga instructor, event planner, friend, and yes… You’ve guessed it! Incredible postpartum doula! In this episode, Darcy opens up with tremendous courage and vulnerability about her birth story with her first child, and how her experience led her to live her purpose and passion as a doula. Although geared more toward moms, parents, women, anyone can benefit from listening to Darcy’s journey and perspective. She shares about the raw, messiness of transitioning into motherhood, talks about postpartum depression, the struggle to ask for help, the blessings in disguise, nourishment, health, running, and her exciting new program, “Third Trimester Thrive.” Tune in, maybe grab a tissue, and enjoy!