Episode 19: Dr. Deborah Ayer

Dr. Deborah Ayer, founder, owner and Network Chiropractor at Wellspring Center for Wellbeing, radiates brilliance, compassion and aliveness. Her energy is beautifully contagious; her healing presence, compassionate and powerful. In this episode, Dr. Deb opens up about her childhood and her path to Network Care and how she learned to view her emotions and sensitivity as incredible gifts. She speaks of her son and how his coming into her world invited clarity, purpose, possibility and magic. And Dr. Deb really breaks down what Network Care is all about and talks about how each one of us has the capacity to awaken more fully, discover our innate healing within, and feel truly alive. Dr. Deb is radiant, bold and intuitive, a teacher and passionate leader in the Seacoast Area and beyond. Tune in, open your heart and enjoy!